Augmented Reality is a way to overlay something digital over the real world.

There are a few types of augmented reality experiences.

Image Tracking AR

Image tracking augmented reality is using a digital augmented reality content that’s anchored to a real world image target. Image-tracked AR solutions are especially good for augmented printed items like:
– Flyers/ Posters
– Print ads
– Product Packaging
– Stickers
Basically anything printed!

Instant World Tracking

Instant world tracking is the cutting edge type of augmented reality. It allows practically anything digital to be anchored to any physical location.


With our technology, users can interact with your brand in ways previously impossible. Scavenger hunts, ball-toss games, 3D puzzles, remote controlled characters, AR board games… the list goes on. Use our Web AR games to engage and delight your customers in a frictionless way.

We AR here for you!

The sky is the limit, let your imagination do its thing. Contact us to build your stunning augmented reality experience now.